TV Surround Sound, Music Systems and Music Distribution

With so many new subscription services allowing you to stream shows and films, having the right equipment to match the entertainment is essential. Vanilla Sky has a variety of options to really enhance your viewing and listening experience.

TV Surround Sound Systems

While you might already be looking to acquire the latest 4K UHD television and can’t wait to enjoy the amazing picture quality, why stop there? For the ultimate immersive experience add a surround sound speaker configuration that will propel you into the moment!

With an array of different offerings and features including Dolby Atmos, in-wall or on-wall speakers, wired or wireless options, we will configure a surround system that works for your room and budget, giving you the ultimate audio experience.

Music Distribution

If you describe yourself as ‘music connoisseur’ or you just want to keep up with the news as you move around your home in the mornings, then our multi-room sound solutions will be just the ticket for you. In ceiling or on-wall, we will configure a speaker system that distributes sounds to all the desired areas of your home in a discreet manner, with no exposed cables ensuring that an amazing sound experience won’t impinge on your décor.

Music & Video Storage

If you’re constantly on the go, dividing yourself between multiple properties or locations, keeping yourself entertained can be tricky. To solve this issue for our clients, we have created their own Hub of multimedia that they can store privately and access remotely. Listen to music, watch films, or indulge in those addictive ‘box sets’ when away from home, keeping you and your family happy and entertained at all times!     

High End Music Systems that Deliver

Unlike many companies, we avoid many mainstream ‘style over substance’ music stereo systems, as we believe that the sound quality is nowhere near as good as the marketing hype surrounding them! 

That’s not to say that the sound systems we recommend are shy on style, as they certainly aren’t. But our focus is on providing you with the best audio or stereo experience for your budget. Although our recommended sound systems range from around £5,000 up to and beyond £100,000, there really is no compromise on the quality of sound, which is unbelievable.

So, whatever your preferred genre – we have the perfect sound solution that will enable you to really experience the music in the moment. We also have demo facilities available where you can sit back, immerse yourself in the music and hear that incredible sound quality.


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For more information on our TV surround sound and music solutions please call us on 0330 058 8200 or fill out the form below.