Sound and Vision

We're in the golden age of entertainment.  So, having the means to fully immerse yourself is essential.

TV Surround Sound

If you have the latest 4K UHD TV to get the most out of your viewing experience, why stop there?


We can design and configure the surround sound system it truly deserves - perfectly suited to your space and budget. With Dolby Atmos as an option, giving that ‘all-round’ sound impact, watch the latest blockbuster, sporting event or intense drama like never before.

AV Distribution

Why be limited as to where you can listen to your favorite tunes around your home?


We can design a system that will feed music to all areas, inside or out, so that you never miss a beat. With discreet speakers that can be in-ceiling, in-wall, on-wall or wireless, we’ve got it covered to suit your exact requirements. 

Media Storage

If you’re constantly on the go, dividing yourself between multiple properties or locations, keeping yourself entertained can be tricky.


To solve this issue for our clients, we have created their own ‘hub of multimedia’ that they can store privately and access remotely. Listen to music, watch films, or indulge in those addictive ‘box sets’ when away from home, keeping you and your family happy and entertained at all times.

Sound Systems That Deliver

Expect the best! We avoid many mainstream ‘style over substance’ music systems, believing that many don’t match up to the marketing hype around them!


Specialising in systems that you won’t typically find on the high street, we will design, supply, install and commission a system that delivers on your expectations and won’t let you down! So, whether you want a

stand-alone stereo system or one that is integrated into a

multi-media system in a ‘Party Room’, we have the solution!     

There’s nothing like the big screen. And we’ll create a home cinema room like nothing you’ve experienced before. Designing and building a unique space for the big game, a blockbuster or next-level gaming.


You’ll meet with our expert design team, who will understand your needs, space and layout. We will advise you on the best configuration, looking for ways to optimise seating, lighting, acoustics and any other personal requirements you may have including bespoke furnishings – to put you in the heart of the action. Then, we will provide you with a 3D Render illustrating your individually designed cinema room so that you can visualise what could be the reality.