Smart Home

A tap of the finger. A word of command. The way we connect with the world has become simpler and more intuitive. And we give you the power to connect with your home in the same way. Giving you comfort, convenience and security without a second thought

Home Automation

Save money, energy and effort with our bespoke home automation solutions.


From automated blinds and lights to intuitive security, we have a whole range of ways to give you reassurance, control and freedom. Home is where you live, so live more.

Intelligent Lighting

Lighting means a lot. It suits your mood, it accentuates the best features of your home, it provides peace of mind when you’re away. And our intelligent lighting systems give you everything you want – including simplicity.


Our eco-friendly, efficient designs are built around your home and requirements. And you can control them from a smartphone app anywhere in the world.

Automated Blinds

Privacy’s important, but so is style. That’s why our automated blinds come with a range of control options and looks.


Select your Roman, Roller Blinds or Curtains from a variety of premium fabrics and finishes. And operate them with a remote control, smartphone app, voice control or as part of your home automation system. With a wide range of offerings, whether you are looking to shade a straight forward traditional window, bi-fold doors, sliding doors, an orangery or even for a bespoke or gable end window – we will have a solution.

Comfort Control

At home or away from home take control. We all strive to get the temperature at home just right. With the intelligent systems we put in place, you can take control of the temperatures in each individual room, with the simplicity of a touch of a button or a tap on your smart phone.


So, gone will be the days of entering a cold house, waking up with the chills, or wasting energy and money by heating zones in the house when they are unoccupied. Be comfortable at all times with a smarter home from Vanilla Sky.