Our Control4 Gold Partnership Status Explained

We’re very honoured to be able to announce that we have been awarded Gold Partnership status by Control4, one of the largest brands delivering home automation systems in the world.

Working so closely with Control4 is an immense privilege. As one of the largest and most highly respected home automation system providers in the world, Control4 delivers some of the highest quality products and we’re very proud to be able to pass those benefits on to our customers. Known for their advanced technology and versatility, delivering intelligent solutions for your home that include lighting, heating, security and entertainment, Control4 is all about convenience and efficiency within the home - they’re truly cutting edge.

We managed to achieve Gold Partnership status with the company in our first year of being a Control4 Dealer - an incredible achievement and a testament to our great working relationship with Control4. A partnership with Control4 gives you the peace of mind that only those with the greatest knowledge of the product, and the necessary skills, can install it. Gold status is recognition of the number of Control4 products we’ve installed and to have completed that within our first year showcases both our efficiency as a system installer, and Control4’s incredible popularity.

At Vanilla Sky we aim to be able to provide the best service to customers with the best products. To find out more about our overall solutions please visit our website www.vanillasky.co.uk If you’re interested in transforming your house with Control4 home automation, get in touch with us now on 0330 058 8200 or info@vanillasky.co.uk.