How to Add a Little Luxury to Your Outdoor Space

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we have been confined to our homes, unable to leave except for essential reasons, and witnessing a hectic life fall still and silent, in a mission to save lives from an invisible virus. If someone had told us this a year ago, we would have thought they were pitching a movie plot.

But, with the weather warming up and lockdown restrictions easing slowly, why risk heading outside of your home, when you can sit back and relax in your own privately styled luxury garden escape. We’re dreaming big. This is what the contemporary garden of dreams looks like, when money is no object. After all, most of us love nothing better than spending a lazy summer afternoon on the decking, or having a few cold drinks with the family in the evening. Think an outdoor kitchen, stunning outdoor lighting, the perfect entertainment system, and maybe even a day bed that looks like it belongs at a resort in the Maldives.


Once you have your home’s smart devices set up around the house, voice assistants trained to recognise your voice, and automation created, there’s still more you can do. Your smart home doesn’t have to stay inside —it can expand into your garden, whether you’re playing in the back garden, hosting a BBQ, or putting up Christmas decorations. With plugs, lights, and battery add-ons, your outdoors can be just as smart as the inside of your home. You can even have your smart tech set up to use some of these things year-round, like a smart doorbell or an LED security spotlight; while others could just be for when the weather is just right. Not only that, but you don’t even have to move from the comfort of your garden sofa. Once the sun dips down of an evening, you can switch everything you need on from an app on your phone. Bliss.


Those long, bright summer days are perfect for lazing around in the garden, or simply relaxing on a sun lounger and soaking up some rays. Yet just because the sun goes down eventually, that doesn’t mean your summer fun has to come to an end.

Integrating the latest in smart outdoor lighting to your property can help you enjoy your summer for longer and really make the most of your garden. That’s to say nothing of the added touch of beauty that intelligent lighting can bring to your outdoor spaces nor of the added benefits of stronger security right the year round.

With a smart lighting installation, you get much more than a single level of lighting at all times, you get the freedom to control exactly the way your space looks at any given moment, opting to turn on different bulbs at different levels of intensity and, depending on the kind of system you use, even what colour those lights are.

All this flexibility makes it even easier to re-design your outdoor spaces whenever you want.


Whether you want to jam out as you host an evening gathering or listen to calming music out on the patio as you relax under the summer sun, your outdoor home entertainment system can play your favourite songs from quality, weather-resistant speakers.

With specialised outdoors speakers, you can create the proper surround sound setup in your garden. Outdoor speakers have been specifically designed to withstand the elements of the outdoors, with water, frost, dust and UV resistance.

Your speakers will be strategically placed all around your desired listening area, blending in with your existing landscape and architecture seamlessly – while still delivering high-end audio. You might also be installing an outdoor TV to create an outdoor entertainment space. The best outdoor speakers can even connect to projectors and other technologies that let you watch movies in your back garden.