A Look at Lutron - Specialist producer of home automated lighting control

When it comes to home lighting control, Lutron are one of the most renowned and efficient manufacturers in the World. We’re proud to be able to work with them to deliver home automated lighting and shading solutions that our customers can benefit greatly from - but what do Lutron offer?

Lutron offer advanced systems that not only make your life easier and more convenient while at home or even away from home, but by managing the control of electric light and regulating the amount of daylight that enters into your home - both important factors of lighting control - ensures that the efficiencies and aesthetics of your home are optimised. By using shades in conjunction with lighting dimmers, Lutron systems can create the perfect balance between the two sources of light to save energy and create an inviting and efficient environment. Also, creating different moods within a room to suit the occasion or desired effect, becomes effortless in control by the aid of various pre-programmed scenes.

With security in mind, when you are away from home Lutron systems can also be utilised to give the impression that someone is actually at home. This provides the ‘phantom occupancy’ effect as we call it, which can be pre-programmed and has the intelligence to control the blinds and lighting of a property to look like someone is at home. It can even mimic your behaviour in terms of lighting operation activated over the previous week, to give a more realistic and ad-hoc effect.

With different systems that offer both wired and wireless capabilities, Lutron have solutions to suit, whether you are; building a new home; extending an existing home; or you just want to enhance the lighting in your existing home! One of Lutron’s more recent offerings, being their RA2 range, has the flexibility through its wireless technology to be a great retrofit solution.

Lutron also deal in commercial projects as well - their Vive range brings wireless lighting control to commercial buildings and is highly suitable for schools, universities, government offices and more. Not only that, but Lutron have delivered automation solutions for some of the most well-known and important buildings and facilities across the country, including designing the lighting control solution for St. Paul’s Cathedral.

We’re very excited to be working closely with Lutron and we’re proud to be able to continue to deliver on our customers’ expectations and requirements, helping them to improve their home experience. If you’re interested in Lutron’s light and shading control, and want to find out more or discuss an ongoing project you have, then please get in touch with us on 0330 058 8200 and we can explore opportunity. To find out more about other solutions Vanilla Sky offer, take a look at www.vanillasky.co.uk