Who do we partner with?

Interior Designers, Architects, Property Developers or any individual or company that work for or on behalf of clients to enrich their home and lifestyle.


With technology becoming more integrated into the way we all live our lives, we acknowledge the changing requirements of clients towards home technology and smart control. So, by working closely with our partners we are able to embrace technology into the overall design proposition, to enhance the look  and functionality without compromise.


When you partner with Vanilla Sky, it benefits us both.  By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we’ve proven that it adds value to our partners own offering to clients.

We have a very open and flexible relationship with all of our partners, and we are always here to help. So, whether you; need advice on any relevant matters to propose a project; need us to attend a client visit to offer advice on tap; or better still, on larger projects we can invite you and your clients to a demo facility to showcase relevant solutions.  Ultimately our aim is to help you ‘wow’ the client and secure the project as a result! Plus, there are also commercial benefits of working together.


We also recognise that discretion is required and with experience of working with individuals where confidentiality is paramount, we are more than happy to engage in an NDA.  

Become a partner

We would welcome the opportunity to meet up with you to discuss the opportunity of working together in more detail – plus it’s always good to meet face to face and be confident that we can work together for mutual benefit.

‘Throughout the year we run a few showcase and educational events, including one on the benefits of the automated  ‘lighting and shading’ solutions we provide, which can effortlessly transform the aesthetics and ambience of a room or space in an instance. Such events have proven to be a real success, helping to train and educate our partner teams on what can be achieved through the solutions we offer. So, once we’ve met up, if it’s of interest then we can hopefully arrange for you or your team to attend.’ 

To find out how we can work together, please call our commercial director Tony Copeland on 07780 666655