Intelligent Lighting

Create just the right light for any activity or set moods by enhancing the ambient light within a specific area of your home   – all at the touch of a button. So whether you want to complement the aesthetics of certain features inside or outside your home, or just create a specific mood at a certain time, you can use intelligent lighting to illuminate accordingly.

Benefits of intelligent lighting;

  • You can programme your home lighting to come on at certain times, with a variety of different brightness levels, whether you are at home or not

  • The geofencing of some solutions, when using a Smartphone App, means that when you arrive home on your driveway it will automatically turn on certain lights, that you can pre-set, within or outside your home. So, no more getting out of your car in darkness

  • If you ever leave home and question yourself as to whether you switched off all the lights, worry no more as you will be able to remotely switch off all lights

  • Eliminate the clutter of switches in certain rooms like a kitchen, with one keypad from a wide choice of colours and finishes, which provides subtle elegance for any space

  • Create smooth LED dimming to enhance the effect

  • Incorporate the control of audio, blinds, and temperature within certain lighting scenes to further enhance the mood of the surroundings

  • Optimise efficiencies by reducing the time lights are left on in areas of your home, when they are not required. Made easier by ‘occupancy sensors’, pre-programming of the intelligent system or touching a ‘Goodnight’ or ‘Goodbye’ button before you go to sleep or leave the house, which switches all lights off – preserving energy!

  • Light up the outside areas of your property, controlled by dusk to dawn settings or ad-hoc via the Smartphone App

  • Enhance security by programming the lights to come on at certain times or randomly, to create the effect of ‘phantom occupancy’ when you are away from home


Get the most out of your lighting by a bespoke design service

Apart from providing intelligent lighting solutions we also have an in-house lighting Consultant who will design a bespoke lighting infrastructure to; enhance the lighting effect and ‘wow’ factor within each room; propose lighting fixtures and fittings to suit the ambient surroundings; and ensure the lighting circuits are designed with energy efficiencies in mind. Additionally, our team of experienced electricians can implement the design with minimum disruption and in a proactive manner.