IT and Comms

With the increase in mobile technology and intelligent technology, the modern way of living commands increased connectivity, speed and consistent reliability to meet your requirements for everyday living or working from home.


You want your online world to be on-demand at all times.

That’s why we consult with you on the options, then design and install fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi networks that give you a strong consistent signal at home, inside or out. Creating working infrastructures for maximum efficiencies.

So if you're not happy or are frustrated with you're current Wi-Fi at home, please let us know and we would love to help.

Data Cabling

Inside or outside your home, we will specify and design all your data and communications cabling to support your connectivity requirements. Conscious of the aesthetic look, we will ensure that all cables are discreet or well hidden.


We also offer a confidential, discreet IT and network service to clients who operate a business from home, who have an office away from home, or simply have an IT network at home they need supporting.

Using our wealth of experience, we provide bespoke solutions in consultancy, support, troubleshooting or a range of other areas. All with a dedicated support number 365 days a year.

Why not take advantage of our 15 minutes free consultancy, by giving us a call, to find out how we can help.

Image by Michael Soledad