Intelligent lighting

Let there be light! Lighting is so important for creating the perfect ambience in your home.

So whether you want to enhance the aesthetics of certain features inside or outside your home, you can use intelligent lighting to illuminate them, or create a certain mood or lighting scene within a room or area of your home. 

You can programme your home’s lighting to come on at certain times, with a variety of different brightness levels, even if you’re away from your property. Automated home lighting is a simple but effective way to enhance both the ambience and security of your home.

We also work with specialist lighting designers who can work with you to provide a totally bespoke home lighting solution. Our team will consult with you to ensure the resulting lighting effect complements the overall design of your room or home. And for minimum disruption and quick turnaround, our own experienced electricians can implement your chosen solution. 

By using the Smartphone app, you can control your home’s lighting wherever you are in the world. It’s that simple!


bespoke design

smartphone controlled

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