Cinema & Multi-Media Rooms

As our lives get busier, free time is a luxury. We want you to be able to make the most of these rare moments, with a dedicated multimedia space for that ultimate viewing experience.

Whether your passion is movies, sports or music, Vanilla Sky can help you feel part of the action with a custom designed area for you to enjoy films and TV with a big screen and incredible sound experience. 

We take the time to really understand your passions, be it watching the big game live with friends; enjoying the latest blockbuster movie with your partner; feeling a part of the action as you enjoy a concert by your favourite artist; or seeing the kids experience their Xbox like never before. 

Once we see cinema as you do, we will design a custom system to suit your available space, and deliver sound and vision to really amplify your desire.

Our design team will meet with you to view the space and layout, or – if the room is not yet built – work from the architect’s plans, and advise on the best configuration of the room. We will consider the acoustics, sound isolation and optimum seating location, as well as the power requirements and any other specific requests you have. 

Apart from the screen, projector, speakers, and acoustic treatment of the room, we can provide a complete solution from the initial room design right through to installation and configuration, including all or any of the following in line with your required specification:

  • Guidance on the most suitable interior and colour schemes
  • Seating configuration and supply
  • Lighting
  • Any other bespoke furniture or finishing’s required


professional audio

bespoke design

gaming setups

To discuss the design of your own cinema or multimedia room, please call 0330 058 8200 or fill out the form below.