CCTV Solutions

In an ever-increasing digital world, homes are full of smart gadgets and technology, while deliveries from online sites are an almost daily occurrence. On top of that, our busy lives often require us to have cleaners, gardeners and other workers. With so many people constantly entering your home, it’s often difficult to keep track of who is where, especially if your property is often left unattended.

At Vanilla Sky, we can help you with your security worries, with a wide range of options to protect your home. Our CCTV solutions include products from the leading manufacturers of CCTV, including LILIN and Hikvision. We can also provide a variety of cameras to suit your exact requirements and improve your property’s security including:

• Dome • Bullet • C-Mount •  Day/Night • Infrared • Network/IP • Wireless • HD

Most of the systems we configure can be incorporated into a home automation system and include facial recognition, plus full video tracking with analytics. This gives you ultimate control and peace of mind to see and record who enters your property and when. 

Even if you’re a frequent traveller, you can activate and monitor your CCTV wherever you are, with movement and intruder alerts sent via email or to your smart device to help you proactively deter unwanted visitors.  


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