Automated Blinds

When it comes to creating a style that combines privacy with sleek design, blinds are becoming an increasingly popular option, providing a contemporary look. At Vanilla Sky, we have a wide range of different manufactured automated blinds and curtains that are designed to be controlled remotely, by pre-programming or even intelligently. 

We work with different specialist manufacturers to ensure that we can accommodate different requirements and budgets increasing our chances to provide you with a solution that ticks all your boxes! So, whether it’s a glazed gable end, a bifold door or a standard window, then we will have it covered (excuse the pun)!

With options of control, including;

  • Stand-alone battery remote control

  • Smartphone App

  • Integration through a home automation system

  • Via voice commands, when linked to devices such as Amazon Alexa

    Benefits of automated blinds

  • Use the sun to your advantage with automated blinds, by converting harsh glare into soft, pleasing light, whist preserving your view

  • Control the light coming into the room, by pre-programming the blinds to adjust position at different times of the day. An intelligent way to conserve energy, helping to lower cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. Better still, some systems can proactively adjust in real time as natural light levels change, when used with a Radio Window sensor.

  • Protect your soft and hard furnishings with automated blinds, whether you are at home or away, by pre-setting or activating them remotely via a smartphone app, to ensure you minimise exposure to direct sunlight which often causes colour fade to furniture and furnishings.

  • Enhance security by helping to create ‘Phantom occupancy’ when you are not at home or on holiday, to keep prying intruders away.

  • Some solutions can also be activated by voice control, when pairing with other offerings, so no need to even press a button

  • Available in various styles, the choices are very flexible including;

    • Wood blinds with independent lift & tilt

    • Traditional curtain systems

    • Vertical curtains

    • Roller blinds

    • Insulating honeycomb blinds

    • Tensioned blinds

    • Roman blinds

  • With a very wide range of materials and finishes available, you will be able to compliment or match the colour theme of a room