Automated Gates & Integrated Access Points

Your home security is undeniably one of your top priorities. 

At Vanilla Sky we understand the importance of securing your home, with the majority of our clients requesting integrated access points and automated gated entries for the home automation systems we design. These additional security systems allow you to keep a close eye on your property wherever you are, increasing your privacy, security and peace of mind.

Automated gates and access points to a property can be operated by your preferred choice, including video system, remote, fob, access code or even Smartphone App. Sophisticated systems can even be activated by car number plate, retina or fingerprint recognition.

Your home security system can also track which authorised persons have entered or left your property and at what time. 

Our professional home security team works closely with acclaimed manufacturers of gates, intercom systems and CCTV, providing a variety of designs and styles that can be tailored to you and your property, and made to order.


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