About Us

We are a small business with a passion for technology and a determination to continuously break boundaries and bring new ideas, Vanilla Sky was created to bring together innovative solutions in ways that are not only refreshing but also effective and easy to use.


In an industry that is constantly evolving, our ethos as a technology-based business is to be proactive and keep up with the trends, developments or improvements in areas that are centric to what we do. As a result, our bespoke solutions are current and future proofed, delivered with integrity and passion.


Equally, with a skillset that is both broad based and talented, from our own hand-picked Team, as well as a dedicated team of contractors that work with us, our capabilities and expertise is enviable.      

A wide reach

We operate predominantly across London and the Home Counties, but we’re happy to consider work anywhere in the UK. We can also take our solutions abroad to your overseas property, as we have done in the past.

A commitment to service

We’re always here to give you complete control of your smart home. From tailoring the right systems and easy installation, through to ongoing maintenance and support, our experts make choosing Vanilla Sky a no-brainer.

Our flexible approach

We recognise that sometimes people are intrigued about home technology, but feel apprehensive as they don’t really understand the benefits or costs. That’s fine with us, as we are more than happy to take the time out to explain the options and overall benefits, to give you a greater understanding. Allowing you to make a more informed opinion. So why not take us up on our ‘free’ 15 minutes consultancy call where you can put us to the test!   

Our process of working with you

First we engage


We get to know you. With an initial phone call to talk about your requirements, answer any questions and – if you want to take things further – arrange a time to meet up.


Then we meet up


We’ll visit you at home to talk about your requirements in more detail. Surveying the relevant rooms, assessing drawn-up plans and getting all the information we need to create your bespoke solution.


We design & propose a solution


Within four working days, we’ll give you a clear, detailed breakdown of the options available and the costs involved. We’re happy to take you through this in person, or via phone or email.


Together we sign off the project


Once we have extensively been through and fine tuned our proposal with you, and on acceptance, we will provide you with a schedule for the commencement and completion of your project together with all relevant information.


We then carry out installation


We will work in line with the agreed specification and the work schedule. Once your new systems are fully installed to your satisfaction, we provide a full handover and go through the workings of the systems, allowing you to then explore them at your own pace.


Visit post implementation


Then, around 30 days after installation (or sooner if you need us), we’ll visit you again to check in on your new system. Making any changes you need, answering any questions and carrying out a post-installation health check.


Offer continued service & peace of mind


You’ll also enjoy peace of mind for years to come, with a Support & Maintenance package tailored to you.

We will go through this with you at the installation stage.


What our customers say

“I cannot praise Rob and his team enough for their guidance, innovation and attention to detail. I wasn’t exactly sure what home automation or technology I wanted to include in our home, but with the time and patience they gave me to explain the options, all started to make sense - even to a ‘technophobe’ like me”  Barry Reuter